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Leadership Development
In a major innovation, the Institute, after
a successful competitive tender, launched
a national Leadership Development
Programme for Directors and Assistant
Directors of Nursing and Midwifery.
The programme was a collaboration
with the National Leadership and
Innovation Centre at the HSE. 75
Directors and Assistant Directors of
Nursing and Midwifery participated in
the programme which was specifically
designed to meet their needs and to
build leadership capability within the
healthcare system. The project included
an Assessment & Development Centre
and the programme was co-designed
with the Directors themselves. In parallel
with the development of their personal
and professional effectiveness, the
participants worked together on strategic
development projects that were aligned
with the proposed new reconfiguration of
the hospital groups.
Launch of Health and Social Care
Professions Programme
In collaboration with the HSE, the
Institute is providing a novel bespoke
programme of leadership development
for the Health and Social Care Professions
(HSCP). The programme, "Beginning
a New Leadership Journey", was
developed to enhance the performance
of HSCP managers in their current and
possible future roles, recognising the
need for strong leadership at all levels in
the healthcare sector. The programme
is designed to be challenging and
is specifically intended to provide a
`leadership stretch', to promote new
learning and competency development.
Hospital Leadership
Development Programmes
The Institute has increased its
engagement with the hospital sector
in Ireland. The MSc in Leadership and
Organisational Change at Beaumont
Hospital was again provided this
year in collaboration with DCU. An
innovative new programme was also
launched at the Rotunda Hospital. This
is a cross-disciplinary programme for
high-potential leaders in the hospital
and combines inputs aimed not only at
developing the leadership competencies
of the participants but also actioning the
hospital's overall strategy. New training
programmes were also launched at St
James's and Tallaght hospitals.
3U Leadership Symposium
The second annual 3U Leadership
Symposium took place on Saturday,
March 1, 2014 at NUI Maynooth and
was organised by Pauline Joyce from the
Institute and Paula Kinnarney from the
Education Department at NUI Maynooth.
Following on from last year's successful
event, the theme of leadership and
professionalism was further developed
with keynote speaker, Professor James P.
Spillane from the School of Education &
Social Policy in Northwestern University
in Illinois, addressing delegates on
the theme of distributed leadership in
organisations operating in a pluralist
environment. Other key contributors
to the symposium included the then
Minister for Children and Youth Affairs,
Frances Fitzgerald TD; Professor David
Coghlan from TCD; Professor Freddie
Wood, President of the Medical Council
and Tomás Ó Ruairc, Director of the
Teaching Council.
RCSI Leadership Lecture Series
The Institute again organised a
successful public Leadership Lecture
Series that featured outstanding leaders
from the fields of surgery, financial
services and corporate training. These
included Mr Jimmy Sheehan, Professor
Hilary Sanfey, Dr Mary Collins and Mr
Brendan Noonan.
the past year has seen steady progress in the ongoing development of the insti-
tute of leadership across its bases in ireland, bahrain and the uaE. in addition to
its academic programmes, the institute has significantly increased its engagement
with the irish health service by providing leadership and organisational development
programmes for senior leaders in the system.
Academic Programmes
the institute conferred 84 graduates in ireland, 61 in dubai and 27 in bahrain. a
new msc programme in leadership in health professions Education was launched
in dubai in collaboration with the university of sharjah and the institute will launch
a new msc in Quality and patient safety in healthcare management in ireland in the
coming academic year.
Professor Ciaran O'Boyle
Director of the Institute of Leadership