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AMCARE is co-ordinated by Dr garry
Duffy, Department of Anatomy and Tissue
Engineering Research group, RCSI, and
AMBER Investigator. RCSI researchers
involved in the consortium include RCSI
School of Pharmacy's Dr Helena Kelly,
Deputy Co-ordinator, and Professor Sally-
Ann Cryan. They will work with Drs garry
Duffy, Bruce Murphy and Adriele
Prina-Mello from AMBER.
SFI Investigators Programme
Three RCSI projects received
funding for pioneering research,
delivered by the Department
of Jobs, Enterprise and
Innovation, through the SFI
Investigators Programme.
Selected via competitive peer
review by 400 international
scientists, the recipients included
Professor Sally-Ann Cryan,
RCSI School of Pharmacy, and
Dr Andreas Heise, DCU, who
were jointly awarded
1.9m for
a collaborative project entitled
"Functional polymers for (nano)
medical devices".
Research: Clinical Practice
Research by RCSI's School of Pharmacy
and the Rotunda Hospital, published
in European Journal of Obstetrics &
gynaecology and Reproductive Biology,
has affirmed that the seasonal influenza
vaccine is safe at any stage during
pregnancy. The research team, led by
Professor Brian Cleary, Honorary Clinical
Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy,
examined Irish maternity hospital data
during the recent flu pandemic.
Over half of all older Irish adults
prescribed medications which have
the potential to interact with alcohol,
still regularly consume alcohol during
the course of their prescription, a new
study from RCSI's School of Pharmacy,
led by Lecturer Dr gráinne Cousins,
has found. Developed in conjunction
with the Health Research Board Centre
for Primary Care Research and Trinity
College Dublin (TCD), the research was
published in BMC geriatrics.
In January 2014 John Hayden took
up a position as Lecturer in Pharmacy
Practice in RCSI and is beginning a
PhD in paediatric critical care. He
joined RCSI from Our Lady's Children's
Hospital, Crumlin.
Dr Samuel Maher was
appointed Lecturer in
Pharmaceutics in the School of
Pharmacy. He joined RCSI from
AnaBio Technologies Ltd.
The School of Pharmacy
welcomed back Dr Brian Kirby
from Perdana University, where
he had been seconded in 2011
to lead the pharmacology/
clinical pharmacology discipline
in the RCSI Medical School at
the University in Malaysia.
Student achievements
At the RCSI White Coat
Ceremony 2013, Ms.
Joanne O'Dwyer, who had
just completed her B.Sc.
(Pharm), was the recipient
of the Leo Pharma Medal in
Pharmaceutics, the Boots Medal in
Pharmacy Practice and the Professor
John g Kelly Medal for best Overall
Performance in the B.Sc. (Pharm) class
of 2013. Mr Joseph Sweeney received
the Servier Medal for Best Experienced
RCSI and St John of god Hospital staff pictured at
the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding
between the School of Pharmacy and the hospital.
the collaboration aims
to enhance educational
opportunities available to
undergraduate pharmacy
students and is the first
time that the school has
undertaken an mou
with a psychiatric
teaching hospital.