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Saint John of God Hospital and RCSI
sign historic MOU
A Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU), was signed on Thursday, August
29, between the Pharmacy Department
at Saint John of god Hospital, a leading
provider of mental health treatment and
care services in Ireland, and the School
of Pharmacy. The collaboration aims
to enhance educational opportunities
available to undergraduate pharmacy
students and is the first time that the
School has undertaken an MOU with a
psychiatric teaching hospital.
RCSI MiniMed Open Lecture Series
On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, the
School of Pharmacy took part in the
MiniMed Open Lecture Series, RCSI's
informative health lectures which are
open free of charge to the public.
Professor Paul gallagher, Head of
School of Pharmacy, RCSI spoke on
the topic, "Potions, Lotions and Health
Promotion what can my Pharmacist do
for me?" and Matthew Lynch, Lecturer
in School of Pharmacy, explored the
topic "generic Medicines and Internet
With its five-year contract to manage
the Masters in Pharmacy (MPharm)
Programme on a nationwide basis
coming to an end, RCSI School
of Pharmacy re-tendered to the
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland in Q4,
2013 for stewardship of the programme
for the years 2014 to 2019. Of the three
national bodies that submitted tenders,
RCSI School of Pharmacy was again
Kuwait MOU extension
RCSI recently signed a two-year
extension to an MOU with the Kuwait
Ministry of Higher Education. The
agreement has been extended to
2018 and aims to achieve an increase
in the number of scholarships for
undergraduate pharmacy from six to 25
per year.
Academic partnerships
RCSI formed a new Erasmus Partnership
with the Faculty of Pharmacy at the
University of Lorraine, in Nancy, France.
Establishment of the partnership was
due, in great measure, to the efforts of
Professor Kevin Mcguigan and Dr Marc
Devocelle, Erasmus Programme Co-
ordinators with the School of Pharmacy.
Each year, the Programme will enable
two pharmacy undergraduates to
undertake final year research projects
in the University of Lorraine, France.
In 2013, the Programme participants
were Ms Leah Conroy and Ms Christine
Ms Lucy J. Adkins and Ms Emily Sorah
are the first students to undertake
an international experiential learning
elective under the School of Pharmacy
partnership with the Bill gatton College
of Pharmacy, East Tennessee State
University (ETSU). The formal MOU was
signed in ETSU on April 2, 2014.
Research: Pharmaceutical
The Advanced Materials for CArdiac
REgeneration (AMCARE) consortium,
a group led by RCSI and Advanced
Materials for BioEngineering Research
(AMBER), the Science Foundation
Ireland (SFI)-funded research centre,
8.7m as part of the European
Union's Framework Programme 7.
Having established RCSI nationally as an accomplished provider of pharmacy ed-
ucation in the ten years since its foundation, the School of Pharmacy has initiated
steps in the past year to replicate this success on an international scale while set-
ting new benchmarks for achievement at home.
Hosting Deans' Forum
The School of Pharmacy hosted the annual Pharmacy Deans' Forum, becoming the
first academic institution to do so. The meeting, which took place on Saturday, August
31 and Sunday, September 1, 2013, in RCSI's College Hall, focused on areas of critical
importance to institutions of pharmacy education. Deans from more than 100 faculties
of pharmacy attended.
Professor Paul gallagher
Head of the School of Pharmacy