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the school is
dedicated to
optimising the quality
of students it accepts,
the quality of the
programmes it delivers
and the success of
its graduates and
Medical student Louise Murphy carries out an
examination on the SimMan 3g adult patient simulator
which provides trainers and students with state-of-the-art
technology for the teaching of clinical scenarios.
clinical colleagues in multiple clinical sites
across Ireland with the primary purpose
of enhancing our teaching programme.
Clinical Relationship Manager Sinead
Dunwoody has been pivotal in
facilitating and co-ordinating interaction
throughout this ongoing process.
A number of initiatives have already
been implemented as a result of this
work including collaboration with
undergraduate Deans to strengthen
momentum in the creation of leadership
roles in clinical teaching at each of the
clinical sites. The participating Deans
now meet on a regular basis which
provides additional impetus to the
advancement of a leadership capability
in teaching nationally.
The Third RCSI International
Education Forum
The College hosted the third annual RCSI
International Education Forum which
took place from June 23 to June 26. The
Forum saw more than 40 staff from RCSI
Bahrain and Perdana University (PU)-RCSI,
Malaysia join with over 100 colleagues
in Dublin at this year's meeting. The
theme, "Curriculum Development in a
Transnational Context" aimed to build on
previous education fora and consolidate
the work of the Health Professions
Education Centre and the Schools
of the Faculty of Medicine & Health
Sciences. In addition to the matrix of
integrated, robust processes that ensure
the quality and consistency of education
and assessment, these fora provide an
invaluable opportunity for the sharing
of perspectives that assist RCSI operate
with enhanced effectiveness and success
within a complex transnational and inter-
professional network.
During the course of the forum, staff
from the three campuses reviewed,
renewed and shared challenges and
innovations in the core curriculum,
educational technology, student support
and international education trends.
The programme included two days of
closed Faculty sessions for RCSI Staff. On
Monday, June 23, a School of Medicine
Junior Cycle programme took place in
St Stephen's green and an Intermediate
and Senior Cycle programme was held in
ERC Beaumont.
Vice Dean appointments
There have been four appointments
to the School of Medicine Staff and
Professor Kevin Mcguigan has been
appointed as vice Dean for
Foundation Year;
Professor Aidan Bradford has been
appointed vice Dean for Junior Cycle;
Professor Alice Stanton has been
appointed vice Dean for Intermediate
Cycle; and,
Professor gerry McElvaney has been
appointed vice Dean for Senior Cycle.
All four take up their roles on
September 1st, 2014.
I wish to thank the outgoing Cycle
Directors, Professor Clive Lee (Junior
Cycle, Medicine) and Professor Celine
Marmion (Foundation Year Medicine &
International Medical Commencement
Programme), for their hard work and
commitment from 2010-2014.