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and scholarship in health professions
education by providing opportunities for
staff to further develop and refine their
teaching approaches and strategies,
as well as resources on matters related
to pedagogy, curriculum design,
and assessment strategies. Under
the leadership of Professor Teresa
Pawlikowska, the HPEC promotes
effective and relevant educational
interventions and drives innovation in
health professions education. Among
the range of innovations planned,
work is currently being finalised on the
establishment of an NUI-accredited
Diploma in Health Professions Education.
The Educator in Residence programme
commenced in September 2013 with
Professor Frank Coffey, a Consultant
in Emergency Medicine and Research
and Education Lead in the Emergency
Department at the Queen's Medical
Centre in Nottingham, as the first post
holder. Working closely with the HPEC
team to develop a simulation project
under the Integrated Clinical Consulting
Theme, he is focusing in particular on
the development of a group of simulated
patients, people trained to replicate
the symptoms and behaviours of real
patients and who can act as proxies for
them in training and assessment.
Leadership in International Medical
RCSI continues to grow its international
presence and the offerings it provides
overseas. In the past 12 months,
substantial development work has been
carried out on the College's International
growth Strategy and an Insights for
growth paper has been published.
A Student Quality and Performance
Working group has been set up to
inform student recruitment strategy.
In addition, student recruitment and
admissions across Bahrain and Dublin
are being more closely aligned.
RCSI Bahrain
At the June 2014 conferring in RCSI
Bahrain, more than 240 candidates
graduated with degrees and Masters.
Medical graduates undertaking
internships in RCSI Bahrain achieved
a pass rate of 100 per cent in the
most recent exam licensed by the
National Health Regulatory Authority
in Bahrain. In addition, the Medical
Commencement Programme was
revised and accredited by NUI.
Professor Sameer Otoom was appointed
President, RCSI Bahrain. Professor
Otoom has been a central figure in
establishing the university, serving
in the roles of Professor of Clinical
Pharmacology and Dean and vice
President of Academic Affairs. Mr
Stephen Harrison Mirfield was appointed
Chief Operating Officer, RCSI Bahrain.
Penang Medical College, Malaysia
Penang Medical College (PMC)
has launched its first postgraduate
programme, the Master of Science
degree in Health Research, led by
Professor Abdul Rashid Khan, Head of the
Department of Public Health Medicine.
Having commenced in June, 2014, this
two-year postgraduate degree is aimed
at medical, health and social science
graduates in Malaysia and adjoining
countries with an interest in health
The past year has seen significant new
appointments amongst the senior
management of Penang Medical College.
In October 2013, PMC had the pleasure
of announcing its third President,
Professor Amir S Khir who previously held
the position of the College's Dean since
2004. Professor Kevin Nolan joined as the
vice President for Academic Affairs of the
College. Mr Michael Chua was appointed
Chief Operating Officer in June 2014.
Perdana University RCSI School
of Medicine
Perdana University RCSI School of
Medicine (PU-RCSI) commenced its
third academic year in September 2013.
PU-RCSI students have distinguished
themselves during the Junior Cycle 1-3
and Intermediate Cycle 1 examinations in
both academic years with an outstanding
performance of 36 first class honours
overall in the Class of 2017 (out of a total
of 70 students).
Professor Anthony Cunningham
completed his term as Foundation
Dean in 2014. Since his appointment
in 2011, Professor Cunningham has
led the successful establishment of
the programme in PU-RCSI. He will be
succeeded by Professor David Adams.
Professor Adams has served on the
specialty advisory boards of the Royal
Colleges of Ireland, Edinburgh and
England and was a Council member
of the Otology section of the Royal
Society of Medicine.
Institute of Leadership
The past year has seen steady progress
in the ongoing development of the
Institute of Leadership across its bases
in Ireland, Bahrain and the UAE. In
2013/2014, the Institute conferred 84
graduates in Ireland, 61 in Dubai and
27 in Bahrain. A new MSc programme
in Leadership in Health Professions
Education was launched in Dubai in
collaboration with the University of
Sharjah and the Institute will launch a
new MSc in Quality and Patient Safety
in Healthcare Management in Ireland in
the coming academic year.
Third International Education Forum
RCSI hosted the third annual
International Education Forum from
June 23 to June 26, 2014. The Forum
saw more than 40 staff from RCSI
Bahrain and PU-RCSI, Malaysia join
with over 100 colleagues in Dublin to
attend this year's meeting. During the
course of the Forum, staff from the
three campuses reviewed challenges
and innovations in the core curriculum,
educational technology, student support
and international education trends.
Fostering a sense of collegiality is very
important in a system where weekly
and daily communication is carried
out routinely by videoconference and
email over three time zones to ensure
delivery of a common curriculum in three
countries. The Forum provides a fantastic
opportunity for staff based in Ireland and
overseas to share their experiences and
ensure that lessons learned can be built
into further development of a common
programme across three sites.
The International Conference for
Healthcare and Medical Students
(ICHAMS), the undergraduate medical
conference for students and run by
students, which provides insights into
the translation of research `from bench
to bedside' was held for a third highly
successful year on October 11 and 12,
2013, with support from the Research
Summer School. The innovative, student-
driven event was winner of the Student
Project of the Year in the 2013 Irish
Healthcare Awards. Students from around
the world attended the event, including
undergraduates from the United States,
Sri Lanka, the Ivory Coast, the United
Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.
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