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Excellence in Education
Work continues on the New Academic
and Education Building (NAEB) which
is due to become operational in
September 2016. Plans for Integrated
Clinical Consulting are being built
into the overall NEAB development
plans. The estimated
80m investment
in NAEB demonstrates the College's
commitment to providing the best
facilities for students and staff, and to
build healthcare leadership potential for
the future.
A major development this year was the
establishment of the role of Head of
School of Medicine as separate from the
role of Dean of the Faculty. This evolves
the governance of the Faculty to one
where each of the six schools is lead by
a head of school. Professor Arnie Hill,
Head of the Department of Surgery was
appointed as the first Head of the School
of Medicine after competitive interview.
The Student Career Development
Programme, a major innovation advanced
by Dr Alice Mcgarvey, vice Dean,
Student Career Development and now
managed by Ms Fionnuala Rahilly, is in
place supported by a hi-tech Career Hub.
The Alumni Mentor Network is a central
component of the new initiative and was
successfully launched by the Department
of Student, Academic and Regulatory
Affairs (SARA) in 2013/2014. Under the
stewardship of Ms Rahilly, Student Career
Development Manager with SARA, the
Alumni Mentor Network can be a key
differentiator for RCSI graduates in their
careers. An interactive portal that links
Alumni and students, it has the potential
to combine global reach with a career
opportunity-specific focus.
Throughout 2013/2014, Ms Sinead
Dunwoody, Clinical Relationship Manager,
has been building strong links with
hospitals and other clinical sites, liaising
closely with them to ensure that the
student training experience is optimised.
These initiatives are further augmented
by a range of established supports
which include the Research Summer
School led by Dr Sarah O'Neill and our
Research Electives.
As part of the College's overall
enhancement of organisation capabilities,
SARA continued to develop its IT
capabilities in 2012/2013 under the new
IT Operating Model currently being
implemented to ensure high quality
assessment processes and effective
documentation for students seeking
electives or career information.
Of vital importance, the vice Dean for
Student Support and Development,
Dr Orna Tighe and her team, the hard-
working and dedicated SARA staff and
RCSI's academic staff ensure that all
student supports are provided within
a cohesive framework that maximises
their effectiveness. I want to thank all
concerned for their commitment to
optimising the student experience.
Health Professions Education Centre
In its first year, the Health Professions
Education Centre (HPEC) has made
great strides in establishing structures to
support the enhancement of excellence
in 2013/2014, the faculty of medicine and
health sciences, through its schools and
academic and administrative departments,
has implemented a range of innovative
initiatives that will add further momentum
to rcsi's evolution as a leader of teaching
and learning in the health professions.
Professor Hannah Mcgee
Dean, Faculty of Medicine and
Health Sciences
Pictured are staff from RCSI Dublin, Perdana University (PU-RCSI)
and RCSI Bahrain at the International Education Forum, which
took place in Dublin in June.