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Launch of the 3U Pathway Programme
RCSI and Blackrock Clinic celebrate
partnership in clinical education
> Ongoing development of RCSI Hospitals group
> Health Systems Research Team established
> New 3U Pathway Programme due to
commence September 2014
> Funding from Irish Research Board with 3U
partners secured for research into definition of
> Alumni Mentor Network & Alumni gathering
September 2013
> Clinical Liaison Committee established
> New staff Learning and Development
Programme and delivery of plan in progress
> Development of a Leadership Development
Programme underway
> New Institutional Metrics reporting process &
report developed
> Additional Strategic Marketing capability within
> Director of IT and Transformation appointed
and implementation of a revised IT Operating
Model in progress
Deirdre Fahy and Alma Brennan, members of the
HR team which is involved in a number of projects to
enhance organisational capabilities
Staff Learning and
Development Programme
> New Research Strategy developed and
currently in final stages of review
> RCSI ISA H2020 Strategy developed and
launched; new support now being provided to
researchers for proposals
> Training sessions for Career Development
of Researchers held on presenting research;
creative thinking and problem solving; and
professional networking
> New Office of Research and Innovation
established bringing together the support
and management of research and knowledge
> HR Strategy for Researchers approved internally
and submitted to European Commission for
review and approval
rESEarch and
innovation in
hEalth SciEncES
and Education
RCSI researchers at the launch
Professor Mary Cannon listed in Thomson Reuters
World's Most Influential Scientific Minds
lEadErShiP in
5th class of medical graduates
conferred at RCSI Bahrain
Clinical Teaching at Penang
Medical College Malaysia
> Significant investment in resources to
advance the sustainable development of our
international offerings
> 3rd International Education Forum held
June 2014
> `Insights for growth' paper produced
and discussions on the development of
International growth Strategy currently
> Working group established across international
locations to identify and implement initiatives
around International Recruitment and Mobility
> Closer alignment of organisational processes
and supporting technologies across RCSI
Dublin and RCSI International Offices
> Two-year extension to MOU with the Kuwait
Ministry of Higher Education until 2018 to
increase the number of scholarships for
undergraduate pharmacy
gOvERNANCE - Strategic Highlights