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The seriousness of RCSI's determination
to enhance excellence in education has
been underscored by its commitment
to an investment in the region of
80m in the development of a New
Academic Education Building (NAEB),
with substantial funds already spent
on initial enabling works. The Minister
for Education and Skills visited RCSI
on Thursday, May 15, 2014, to lay the
foundation stone for the NAEB.
Excellence in Education
The largest redevelopment project in
Dublin's city centre in recent years, the
NAEB will provide unique, modern and
inspiring medical sciences and surgical
training facilities and will be the catalyst
to enhance the existing student amenities
within the entire St. Stephen's green
Plans for Integrated Clinical Consulting
are currently being built into the overall
development plans. Other dynamic
features of the NAEB include:
space configured for 24/7 use;
a technology rich infrastructure;
state-of-the-art library over three floors;

Surgical and Clinical Skills Simulation
Centre; and,
a sustainable design.
International advances
RCSI continues to invest significant
resources, both in personnel and
finance, to advance the sustainable
development of our international
offerings in Bahrain, Perdana University,
Penang Medical College and Dubai.
The appointment in February 2014
of Professor Amir S. Khir as the new
President of Penang Medical College
heralds a new phase in its growth and
development. Professor Kevin Nolan has
been appointed as vice President of the
College, bringing with him invaluable
experience for the new postgraduate
programmes that are being launched at
the College from his role as Foundation
Head of the School of Postgraduate
Studies at RCSI and Mr Michael Chua
has been appointed as Chief Operating
Officer who will drive the upgrade of
facilities and working systems.
The College's commitment to continually
build research capability and optimise
research performance has been underlined
by the achievement in the past year of
external research funding of over
and the publication by researchers at RCSI
of a total of 260 Pubmed indexed articles.
as chief Executive of rcsi, it gives me
great pleasure to update you on the
activities within the college over the
past year and to share with you the rcsi
annual report for 2013-2014.
the past twelve months has seen the
delivery of a range of initiatives ad-
vancing the five goals set out in rcsi's
strategic plan 2013-2014, growth and
Excellence: excellence in education;
leadership in international medical ed-
ucation; impactful research and innova-
tion in health sciences and education;
enhanced organisational capabilities;
and strong strategic partnerships.
Implementing Growth and Excellence
the rapid implementation of signa-
ture high level projects outlined below
reflects the broader, college-wide
embrace of the strategic plan detailed
throughout this annual report.
Professor Cathal Kelly
Chief Executive / Registrar
gOvERNANCE - Senior Management Team/Chief Executive's Review
the naEb will provide
unique, modern and
inspiring medical
sciences and surgical
training facilities and
will be the catalyst to
enhance the existing
student amenities.