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gOvERNANCE - President's Review
It is an important milestone, therefore,
that we have in the last number of
months appointed Hospital Programme
Directors for the training programme
in each of the 10 hospitals. They will
each have a significant role in ensuring
trainees acquire appropriate levels of
experience and proficiency. I want to
express my gratitude, on behalf of the
College and Department of Surgical
Affairs, to those surgeons who have taken
on the responsibility of these roles. Many
challenges remain, and the progression
process from ST2 to ST3, which will be
tested in February/March 2015, will be the
next major hurdle. In the meantime, we are
happy to report an intake of 56 high quality
candidates into ST1 posts for July 2014.
I am extremely grateful for the effort
and dedication of all in the Surgical
Training office, without whom, we
would not have achieved such
progress in the implementation
of the Surgical Training Pathway.
Medical and Health Sciences
RCSI's commitment to the highest
standards of training and practice
is evident in the achievements of
our four campuses. In Dublin, at
the heart of our global campus
network, more than 290 students
were conferred with medical degrees
and postgraduate awards at the June
conferring ceremony. A particular
milestone for the campus and my
term in office took place in May 2014
with the laying of the foundation
stone of the New Academic Education
Building (NAEB). The level of investment
in the NAEB confirms the College's intent
to be at the forefront of the education
of doctors and healthcare professionals
long into the future and will bring medical
education to a new level.
Our overseas campuses continue to
expand and develop at an encouraging
pace. The June 2014 conferring in RCSI
Bahrain saw more than 240 candidates
graduate with degrees and Masters. In all,
81 candidates from 15 different countries
were conferred with Degrees in Medicine.
The appointment of President Sameer
Otoom as the new President of the RCSI
Bahrain is very welcome. I congratulate
him and wish him every success. Professor
Otoom has, of course, been a driving force
in establishing RCSI Bahrain, previously
serving in the roles of Professor of
Clinical Pharmacology and Dean and
vice President of Academic Affairs. I also
welcome Mr Stephen Harrison Mirfield as
the new Chief Operating Officer for MUB,
who, since his appointment, has finalised
agreement on a substantial investment
in the construction of a football pitch
and a revamp of existing sports facilities.
These amenities will ensure that students
will have access to a holistic educational
experience that optimises work/life balance.
Penang Medical College (PMC)
continues to thrive and this year
appointed Professor Amir S. Khir as its
new President. Professor Khir, who has
been the College's Dean since 2004, is
well-placed to lead the next phase of
development of the College, together
with our UCD colleagues. While there has
been some concern about a decreasing
rate of sponsorship of Malaysian medical
students by their government, we have
no doubt that the College will continue
to be successful in recruiting high quality
students within Malaysia itself and from
other countries. RCSI School of Medicine,
Perdana University, Kuala Lumpur, is our
newest overseas initiative and it continues
to make substantial progress, RCSI-PU
hosted a very successful visit by the
Medical Council Team in February 2013
and there has been significant progress
made in implementing the Team's
recommendations during the last
12 months.
We congratulate and thank the Foundation
Dean, Professor Anthony Cunningham,
who has led the successful establishment of
the Medical School and who will complete
his term in July 2014. We welcome his
successor, Professor David Adams, a loyal
supporter of RCSI for many years, and I
wish him every success as he drives the
College forward to its next major landmark,
which will be graduating the first cohort of
students in 2016.
Council membership: retirements
and new members
This year sees the retirement of six
members of the Council: Professor Frank
Keane and Professor Eilis Mcgovern,
both Past Presidents of RCSI, along
with Professor Michael Earley, Mr Frank
McManus, Mr Keith Synott and Professor
A.E. (Freddie) Wood. I would like to
gratefully acknowledge their consistent
commitment and outstanding contributions
to the work of Council. After a very
successful election in June, we welcome
six new members: Mr Paul Burke, Professor
K. Simon Cross, Ms Bridget Egan,
Mr James geraghty, Ms Deborah
McNamara and Mr David Quinlan. I
look forward to the new perspectives
they will bring to Council in the years
The College and its Council are
very fortunate to have such an
accomplished senior management
team, under the leadership of
Professor Cathal Kelly. Professor Kelly
is an outstanding Chief Executive
with a very clear vision of the
direction of travel for the College
and has the universal support of the
Council and staff. I am extremely
grateful for his support and that of
his senior management team during
my term of office.
I would like to take this opportunity to
again congratulate the new President, Mr
Declan J. Magee; the new vice-President,
Professor John Hyland; and the new
Council. I wish them all every success in
their coming term.
It has been an honour to serve as President
of RCSI during a period that has seen the
230 year-old institution prove itself not only
agile and adaptive in responding to today's
complex healthcare environment, but also
imaginative, courageous and decisive in
implementing the changes necessary to be
a global leader in, as the College's noble
purpose states, the enhancement of human
health through endeavour, innovation and
collaboration in education, research and
the governance
committee sought to
set up a college board
to deal with matters
outside the specific
surgical training and
educational remit.