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RCSI Committed to Education Excellence
Class of 2002 graduates at Alumni Weekend
2012 (l-r): Dr Siri Kristiansen, Dr Cliona Lewis,
Dr Kilian Hooper, Dr Inger Sirnes, Dr Shane
Leavy and Dr. Kristian Leitao.
Building better engagement with our
global alumni community.
RCSI has long recognised its alumni as a core part of the
organisation and the past twelve months has seen major initiatives
to build a stronger and more mutually beneficial relationship with
our global alumni community of over 17,000 health care
professionals worldwide.
The annual Alumni Weekend for 2012 was held from 13th 15th
September. More than 240 RCSI graduates and guests from 16
countries from near and far travelled to Dublin to attend the event.
The 2012 Alumni Weekend was a great opportunity for alumni to
meet with old friends and to make some new ones, whilst hearing
about the College's plans for the future.
Such was the success of the 2012 reunion that RCSI have become
major participants in the government initiative known as the
Gathering. RCSI is hosting its own Gathering in 2013 for alumni
featuring an exciting blend of a professional and social programme
taking place at RCSI in St Stephens Green and at Ireland's new world
class purpose-built international conference and event venue, the
Dublin Convention Centre.
International events held during the year included a special alumni
event in Vancouver, Canada attended by Professor Arnie Hill and
Dr Alice McGarvey in January 2013. Many Canadian alumni have
expressed an eagerness to assist the Canadian students and will
support them within their own clinical field by offering elective
opportunities. In November 2012, the UAE Alumni Chapter hosted
a very successful alumni conference in Dubai on `Social
Responsibility: A Noble Cause' highlighting the College's social
responsibility efforts worldwide.
During the year RCSI has successfully embraced new technology
to support and build its alumni network and facilitate current RCSI
students to tap into the current and local expertise of RCSI alumni
worldwide. Spearheaded by Dr Alice McGarvey, Vice-Dean for
Student Career Development, the RCSI Mentor Network has been
designed as an interactive portal between mentors and students.
During the year this platform for engagement was successfully
piloted amongst students and over 120 alumni who so generously
gave of their time and expertise to support this initiative and current
students in their careers. Social media tools such as Facebook and
LinkedIn have also been developed to facilitate engagement for
RCSI alumni with themselves and the College.
Looking ahead engagement with alumni is a key strategic goal of
the RCSI Strategic Plan Growth and Excellence 2013 2017 and an
alumni strategy for each school is being developed to support the
implementation of this plan. This strategy will see new structures
being put in place to enable the College engage more effectively
with its alumni and establish processes for leveraging and sharing
the extensive knowledge and support alumni can offer the College
at local and international level.
The RCSI Mentor Network enables current RCSI students to tap into the
current and local expertise of RCSI alumni worldwide.