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66 RCSI Annual Report 2012/13
Critical to the success of the PU-RCSI programme are the administrative skills of Ms Niamh
Coady and the support provided by RCSI faculty through Ms Julie Creedon and Mr James
Hayes in the Perdana University Programme Office.
Students of Penang Medical College (PMC) enjoy the opportunity to study both in Ireland
and in Malaysia and, on graduation, to be awarded the internationally recognised MB BCh
BAO degrees of the National University of Ireland. Additionally, RCSI and the RCPI award
their Licentiates to PMC students on graduation.
Building on their long traditions in medical education, RCSI and University College Dublin
(UCD) established Penang Medical College in 1996, thus enhancing the century-old tradition
of Irish education in Malaysia and Singapore. Students, some from Irish-founded schools, who
might have wished to undertake all their medical education overseas, availed of the PMC
joint-programme to gain an internationally recognised medical qualification while spending
only part of their undergraduate education abroad.
The PMC programme is a unique combination of rigorous medical education in Ireland
followed by tremendous clinical teaching exposure in Malaysia, taught in a programme that
is accredited by both the Irish and Malaysian Medical Councils. As a consequence, PMC
graduates are well equipped to meet the challenges of a medical career, which could be in
Malaysia or in any of the numerous countries that recognise their Irish medical degree. A
2012 report by the Institute for Health Systems Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (House
Officer Performance in Malaysia 2009-2011) placed Penang Medical College among the top
medical schools whose graduates were most ready for their House Officer postings.
In June 2013, Penang Medical College graduated its 1,000th graduate. PMC alumni work in
countries as diverse as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Ireland, the UK, Malta, Australia, New
Zealand, and the United States. There has been a change in ownership of PMC in the past
year and the College is now jointly owned fully by RCSI and UCD.
The Institute of Leadership continues to expand its international operations. As part of its
Community Engagement Initiative, the Institute is supporting the Hanoi Medical University
in Vietnam in designing and delivering a faculty development programme for the staff of
the medical school. The project, in collaboration with the University's Institute for Preventive
Medicine and Public Health, is structured in two stages: (i) a training needs analysis,
completed this year, and (ii) design and delivery of the programme.
The Institute's commitment to ongoing community engagement also saw a significant
contribution being made to the RCSI-COSECSA project in sub-Saharan Africa. Six `Train the
Trainer' courses were delivered in July 2012 for leading surgeons in Kenya (Nairobi), Tanzania
(Arusha) and Ethiopia (Addis Ababa and Dar es Salaam). Participants completed the Institute's
In June 2013, Penang Medical
College graduated its 1,000th
The Penang Medical College Conferring
Ceremony in June 2013 is Dr Evelyn Aun,
valedictorian and winner of overall best student
award, with Dr Maurice Manning, Chancellor,
National University of Ireland.