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RCSI Committed to Education Excellence
The annual graduation ceremony took place on 10th June 2013, with a total of 202 graduates
conferred. Four new prizes were introduced in recognition of professors who have made
outstanding contributions to RCSI Bahrain. The awards are the Professor James Finucane
Prize in Medicine, the Professor Niall O'Higgins Prize in Surgery and the Professor John
Murphy Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The Rufaida Al Aslamia Prize in Nursing was also
awarded during the conferring ceremony. The prizes were given to four outstanding students
who consistently excelled throughout their studies.
The second academic year for Perdana University RCSI (PU-RCSI) commenced in September
2012, under the leadership of Professor Anthony J. Cunningham, Dean-PU-RCSI. The
programme, which comprises five years spent at PU-RCSI, leads to the award by the National
University of Ireland of an MB BAO BCh degree and of the Licentiate of the Royal College of
Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) and Licentiate of the RCSI.
The Perdana University campus is housed in an interim facility in the MARDI complex in
Putrajaya while permanent facilities are in development as part of a new Perdana University
Hospital campus due for completion at the end of 2015. The interim campus includes all
the features needed for the early pre-clinical curriculum delivery lecture theatres and
seminar/tutorial rooms; anatomy and clinical skills laboratories; library and e-learning studios;
academic and administrative offices and meeting rooms; catering; and student social facilities.
Student intake numbers have been approximately 70 per year for the first two years for the
PU-RCSI programme, with a similar number anticipated for 2013/14. PU-RCSI students have
distinguished themselves during the Junior Cycle and Intermediate Cycle 1 examinations.
A total of 14 students participated in the 2012 Summer Student Research Programme.
Professor Mohammed Hossain was appointed RCSI Lead in the new Department of
Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine.
Professors Mary Cafferkey and Shiran Mohd Sidik head the newly established Departments
of Microbiology and Pathology respectively. Professor Dermot Long, RCSI Lead in Medicine
and Professor David Adams, RCSI Lead in Surgery were appointed to establish the Perdana
University RCSI clinical programmes, which begin in January 2014 in Hospital KL, HTJ
Seremban and Hospital Putrajaya. Professor Aidan Bradford and Mrs Ann McGreevy
completed their two-year appointments as RCSI Lead Physiology and Medical Humanities
and Complimentary Skills Coordinator respectively in June 2013.
PU-RCSI hosted three Primary Membership examinations of the College of Anaesthetists of
Ireland and Primary Membership examinations of the RCPI during the 201213 academic
year. Perdana has established collaborative research programmes with the Department
of Neurosciences, University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and studies to assess the anti-oxidant
properties of phytonutrients with MARDI.
PU-RCSI students have
distinguished themselves during
the Junior Cycle and Intermediate
Cycle 1 examinations.
Pictured above: New location for RCSI Dubai in
Dubai Healthcare City.
Pictured right: RCSI Bahrain medical students.