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RCSI Committed to Education Excellence
in UCC in April, and is due to take place again in RCSI in November.
In January 2013, the course was endorsed by the Faculty of Pre-
Hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh at Level 2.
In January 2013, teaming up with the School of Physiotherapy,
we participated in RCSI's Mini Med School Open Public Lectures
programme. Dr L. Joe Conway (FSEM) opened the evening with a
presentation on `Benefi ts of a Healthy Lifestyle with Exercise'. Dr
Helen French (RCSI Physiotherapy) followed with a lecture entitled
`From Aqua Jogging to Yoga getting to the core of the myriad of
Exercise Types'.
A successful `Exercise Prescription for Health' lecture series was held
at RCPI's Clinical Update in April 2013. Speakers included: Professor
Norbert Bachl, Department of Sports and Physiological Performance
Centre for Sports Science and University Sports of the University
of Vienna; Dr Rory O'Hanlon, Consultant Cardiologist, St Vincent's
University Hospital Clinical Director, Centre for Cardiovascular
Magnetic Resonance, Blackrock Clinic; and the Dean of the Faculty.
I want to thank the tutors involved in our courses, journal clubs and
grand rounds for giving their time to develop educational activities.
Community Care
Exercise has been `re-branded' worldwide. In the US, the message
is `Exercise is Medicine', while in Europe, the theme is `Exercise
as Health Prescription'. We are participating in this new approach
alongside our European colleagues and in alignment with the ICGP's
GP Exercise Referral Programme.
Clinical Service
We have Board Members serving on national and international sport
federations as Clinical Doctors, including:
Championships in Poland/Ukraine;
The Lions in Australia;
Offi cer;
Paralympic Games; and,
of Ireland preparations for London 2012.
Also, many of our Board and Members, past and present, served
the GAA at major events during the year.
We have strengthened relationships with the RCSI School of
Physiotherapy and the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists
and would like to see these relationships evolve, especially in the
fi elds of clinical service and research.
Work to develop Centres of Clinical Excellence has been ongoing.
In order to highlight the Faculty's research activities, we have
requested all papers written by our Board members, and eventually
Members and Fellows, for publication as a brochure of our current
research interests in an initiative inspired by the recent excellent
research publication from the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery.
This may be an area for cooperation with our other hospital
colleagues in the future.
Faculty Board
Dr Joseph Cummiskey, Dean
Dr Suzi Clarke, Honorary Secretary
Dr L. Joe Conway, Vice-Dean
Dr Padraig Sheeran, Treasurer
Professor Paddy Broe, President, RCSI
Professor John Crowe, President, RCPI
Mr Frank McManus, Representative of RCSI Council
Professor N. G. McElvaney, Representative of RCPI Council
Dr Alan Byrne
Dr Bill Cuddihy
Dr Martin Daly
Dr Eanna Falvey
Dr Aideen Henry
Dr Nick Mahony
Professor Michael Molloy
Mr Paraic Murray
Professor John Ryan
Professor W. Arthur Tanner
Dr Michael Webb
Dr Rod McLoughlin, Representative of Irish Institute of Sport
Dr Nick Webborn / Dr Rod Jaques, FSEM UK Representatives
Dr Joseph Cummiskey
Dean of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise
Medicine, RCPI and RCSI