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RCSI Committed to Education Excellence
emphatically not an appeals process, it seemed that such a process
could assist young doctors in future applications, wherever that might
be. Consequently, a feedback process was instigated, in conjunction
with Mr Gary Brady from RCSI Human Resources in April 2013, for
both Diagnosis and Radiation Oncology applicants. We believe this
to be novel. Feedback was given to those who wished it, both in
person and by teleconference to venues such disparate as Ireland,
Iraq, India, Pakistan and Nepal.
Radiation Oncology
Our colleagues in Radiation Oncology have successfully navigated
the difficult straits in their transition from training based at St Luke's
Hospital, to a National Training Programme. The radiation oncology
curriculum is also undergoing a radical and fundamental overhaul,
confirming it to be fit for purpose in 2013.
Information Technology
Dr Niall Sheehy has overseen the challenging transition from a
film-based to electronic examination, with only the Part 2 Viva
Examination remaining film-based.
Professional Competency Scheme and Quality Assurance
Currently 344 registrants are on our database, an increase of 32
since last year.
External Relations
Our membership of the Forum of the Institute of Postgraduate
Training Bodies has been vital in maintaining a uniform approach to
postgraduate medical education, training and policy. One example
has been the Forum's participation in application and assessment of
validation requests from the Medical Council.
The Faculty continues to enjoy a constructive and cordial professional
relationship with the MET Unit of the HSE, and I would hope that
this collaboration will lead to an expansion in training, and an
acknowledgement of Faculty's processes as an exemplar of good
International Activities
The Faculty has been invited to renew its training programme in
Kuwait and the contract has been signed. Four higher training
(International Medical Graduate) posts have been approved by
the MET Unit, and Faculty was complimented on its strict selection
process. Our academic programme in the Gulf is also set to expand
further with our association with Medical Validation Ireland, based
in RCSI.
In Europe, Dr Éamann Breatnach completes his term as the first
Scientific Director of the European Board of Radiology. Timing of
the European Diploma examination, currently at the end of training,
remains problematic for Irish trainees, but Dr Breatnach has proposed
a novel solution to square this academic circle.
It remains essential that worldwide external training opportunities for
our own trainees are maximised, and dialogue is currently underway
between Faculty, the Royal College of Radiologists and the Royal
Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists in this regard, to
supplement our links with North American centres.
The Executive Officer, Ms Jennifer O'Brien, assisted by Ms Karen
Milling, Ms Sarah Drumm and Ms Lorraine Coughlan constitute the
permanent staff of the Faculty. Almost everyone who is reading this
will have had cause to contact the office, and cannot have failed
to notice the professionalism, politeness and efficiency that is their
standard. To them, I give my heartfelt thanks.
Faculty Board
Dr Barry Kelly, Dean
Dr Niall Sheehy, Vice-Dean
Professor Dermot Malone, Honorary Secretary
Dr Max F. Ryan, Honorary Treasurer
Dr Adrian Brady
Dr James Clarke
Dr Jerome Coffey
Dr Patricia Cunningham
Dr Mark Elliott
Dr Maeve Pomeroy
Dr Anthony Ryan
Dr Declan Sheppard
Pictured left: recipients of Fellowships of the
Faculty of Radiologists at the December 2012
Conferring Ceremony: Dr. Kevin Murphy; Dr.
Michael Breen; Dr Barry Kelly, Dean, Faulty of
Radiologists; and Dr. Siobhan Hoare.
Pictured right: (l-r) Dr. Oisin Flanagan,
Fellowship of the Faculty of Radiologists
(Radiodiagnosis); Dr. Adrian Brady, Former
Dean, Faculty of Radiologists; and Dr. Mohd
Nazir Ibrahim, Fellowship of the Faculty of
Radiologists (Radiation Oncology).