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50 RCSI Annual Report 2012/13
teaCHIng & LeaRnIng
facultY of
mEdicinE &
hEalth sciEncEs
school of PostgraduatE studiEs
The last academic year has seen a number of
changes in the School, the most significant being
the retirement of our Foundation Head, Professor
Kevin B. Nolan and the appointment of his
successor, Professor Niamh Moran.
Professor Moran holds a PhD from University College Dublin and worked at the University
of Copenhagen and Vanderbilt University, before returning to UCD as a Newman Scholar
in 1991. She joined RCSI in 1994 as a lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology, and is currently
Associate Professor in Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics. With her group, she has
published more than 40 research papers in international peer reviewed journals, and has
made original and innovative contributions to the areas of integrin research and platelet
function in thrombotic disease. Professor Moran was Academic Director of the structured
MRes/PhD programme established at RCSI in 2001 with funding from the HEA through HEA
PRTLI Cycle 3 and therefore, she brings excellent experience in postgraduate education and
supervision to her new role.
Graduations 2012-2013
In the last year a total of 44 research higher degree candidates graduated: 33 PhD, two
MD and nine MSc. These included the second cohort of graduates from the, HRB-funded,
structured PhD programme in Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Human Disease. Another
significant landmark was the graduation of the second Co-Tutelle PhD carried out between
RCSI and the University of Montpellier.
Diagnostics & Therapeutics for Human Disease ­ a HRB-funded structured PhD Programme
In November 2012 Professor Hilary Glasman-Deal from Imperial College London delivered
an intensive one-day-workshop on scientific writing. This workshop covered topics on models
of scientific writing, vocabulary analysis, and gave practical writing examples and exercises.
Professor Glasman-Deal receives many requests to conduct these workshops in many
universities, and she selected RCSI because the request came directly from the students.
Continuing an important element of our HRB programme, several scholars undertook
international placements in various locations including Siemens (Austria), Queen Mary
University of London, University of Hawaii, Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon and
Harvard School of Engineering.
HRB Scholars continue to produce excellent outputs (42 peer-reviewed publications,
abstracts and conference presentations over the last year) and have won a number of prizes
for presenting their work at national and international conferences.
· AineNolan­firstposterprizeatthePhysiologicalSocietyMeetinginEdinburghJune2012
· HarryHarvey­posterprizeattheInternationalAssociationofCancerRegistries(IACR)
conference in Dublin in March 2013
Pictured from top to bottom;
Professor Hannah McGee, Dean, presenting
Professor Kevin Nolan with a book of
reflections by colleagues and students past
and present on the occasion of his Festschrift.
Higher degree by research graduates at the
June 2013 conferring.