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RCSI Committed to Education Excellence
The integrated Masters in Pharmacy will provide all our students with structured professional
placements across all areas of practice as they progress through their fi ve years of education.
These placements will both contextualise and drive their formal learning. It will also allow the
School to formalise its relationship with leaders in professional practice, through the RCSI
clinical honorary pathway.
Pictured clockwise from above;
RCSI November 2012 Conferring are (l-r): Dr
Zebunissa Ramtoola, RCSI Senior lecturer;
Azeema Moollan, BSc Pharmacy graduate
and daughter of Dr. Ramtoola; Nabeehah
The staff of the RCSI School of Pharmacy
and the Department of Pharmaceutical
and Medicinal Chemistry marked the tenth
anniversary of the establishment of the School
in November 2012 at Carton House.
Professor Lynn Crismon delivers a lecture on
Psychotropic medication use in foster children
and youth.
In 2013, the Irish Institute of
Pharmacy (IIP), the fi rst leadership
body for the profession of
pharmacy in Ireland, was
established in RCSI.
Professor Paul Gallagher
Head of the School of Pharmacy