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46 RCSI Annual Report 2012/13
The Foundation Professor of Pharmacy (Professor
John Kelly) set an ambitious goal for the School
to be the leading national provider of education
in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.
We celebrated the attainment of this goal in 2012 - the tenth anniversary of the foundation of
the School. We have taken significant steps over this first 10 years to build our infrastructure,
grow our expertise and to become an integrated academic unit within the College.
Our successes have been externally validated. We have attracted over 10m in research
funding since 2002. We are, since 2009, the sole national provider of the Masters in Pharmacy
programme for the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI). The Pharmacy
Education and Accreditation Reviews Project examined the quality of our undergraduate
programme and reported most favourably in 2010. In November 2012, we underwent
successful re-accreditation of our undergraduate programme with the PSI. In 2013, the Irish
Institute of Pharmacy (IIP), the first leadership body for the profession of pharmacy in Ireland,
was established in RCSI.
This year, the staff of the School took the opportunity to define our strategic intent, which
was published in April 2013 [Growth through Excellence 20132017]. In this strategy, we
renew our commitment to excel through impactful research, to improve our programmes
through our scholarship in education, and to engage the wider community and to be socially
The next ten years will bring more opportunities and challenges to us both. It is our intent
to incorporate more experiential learning in our undergraduate programme. International
experience shows that the contextualisation of learning throughout the entire undergraduate
programme drives learning. The new commissioning body for continuing professional
development (IIP), will provide an opportunity for us as a School to deliver needs-based
high quality professional development in order to support our graduates in their learning.
If our level of growth is to be sustained, we will need to increase the number of our
international students. The wider institution has a distinguished record for providing
education and training to international students in our Dublin campus. We now need
to harness that expertise so as to realise our overall strategic intent of growth through
Our commitment to being a leader in pharmacy education is reflected in our strategic intent
to design, and implement, an integrated Masters in Pharmacy. This curriculum will foster a
greater sense of enquiry amongst our students, integrate knowledge across systems, prepare
graduates for collaborative practice, and further enable the ability of our graduates to be
both critical thinkers and reflective practitioners.
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