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RCSI Committed to Education Excellence
Professor Coffey and the HPEC will work closely with Senior Lecturer in Simulation Science
and Practice, Dr Claire Condron, to explore advanced clinical simulation, communications
and consulting skills across the curriculum and on plans for the New Academic Education
Building on York Street.
Student, Academic and Regulatory Affairs
As part of our successful independent degree awarding status accreditation in 2010, the
College was tasked with establishing a central Registry function, to manage and coordinate
all activities relating to our students' academic life. Over the past year, we have worked
to defi ne the scope, shape and processes for this new function, which is called Student,
Academic and Regulatory Affairs (SARA). SARA has encompassed activities from within the
Examinations Offi ce, Student Affairs and Faculty Centre offi ces in St. Stephen's Green and
Beaumont, as well as delivering additional academic support through the establishment
of a dedicated Regulations and Records team and the appointment of a Student Career
Development Manager and Clinical Relationships Manager. I wish to thank the management
and staff of SARA, led by Ms Judith Gilroy, for their hard work and dedication to our students
during this challenging transitional year. I have every confi dence that we will continue to see a
continuous improvement cycle in our service to students, schools and academic departments.
Governance and Policy Developments
I would like to thank the Medicine and Health Sciences Board, Academic Council and its sub-
committees for their continued support and leadership throughout the year. External drivers
of our agenda include the recently enacted Qualifi cations and Quality Assurance (Education
and Training) Act 2012, which recognises RCSI as designating awarding body. By virtue of
this Act RCSI is legally obliged to assure the standards of education and training, both within
RCSI and through our `linked providers' nationally and internationally. The establishment of
Quality and Qualifi cations Ireland (QQI) in November 2012, was an amalgamation of four
existing bodies that have both awarding and quality assurance responsibilities. RCSI looks
forward to establishing a fruitful and transparent relationship with QQI and welcomes these
enhanced approaches to quality assurance.
Quality Assurance
At an institutional level, RCSI will undergo the next phase of accreditation under the newly
established QQI. Planning and self-assessment has commenced for this process which
will entail a visit from an international expert panel in October 2013. I would like to thank
Professor David Croke, the team in the Quality Enhancement Offi ce and the Institutional
Review Working Group (IRWG) for their commitment to contributing to and refl ecting the
work of the Faculty in this task.

The quality of our educational programmes is of paramount importance. Since its
inauguration in January 2012, the RCSI Awards and Qualifi cations Committee (A&QC),
chaired by Professor Paul Gallagher, has made signifi cant progress in developing new
procedures for the accreditation and periodic review of programmes. A number of new
Professor Hannah McGee
Dean, Faculty of Medicine and
Health Sciences
The week-long event of
discussions, forums and symposia
was designed to share best
practice and develop our
expertise across our Dublin,
Bahrain and Malaysian campuses.
Pictured from top to bottom;
Masters of Pharmacy graduates at the
November 2012 Conferring Ceremony.
Drs Bader Al Hamdan and Ahmad Najdat
Bazarbashi on their graduation day in
June 2013.