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RCSI Annual Report 2012/13
Young Investigator Awards
Successful young Investigator include Dr Melanie Focking, who was
the recipient of a Young Investigator Grant Award made by NARSAD
(USA), Claudio Monasterolo, Francesca Torri and Alba Jimenez
Pacheco who secured Irish Research Council funding under the PhD
Studentship Programme.
New Developments
Professors Fergal O'Brien and Hilary Humphreys have been
appointed as Deputy Directors of Applied Research and Clinical
Research, respectively. These appointments are very important for
RCSI as they will provide leadership and support for clinical and
applied research, which are priorities in the institutional and the
national research strategies. Professors O'Brien and Humphreys
will be working with Professor Ray Stallings to further develop
and implement RCSI research strategy and, to enhance RCSI
competiveness both nationally and internationally.
Honorary Awards
Professor Brian Harvey received an Honorary Doctorate from
Michigan State University (MSU) on the 3rd May 2013, for his tireless
work and passion for the Daughters of Charity Technology and
Research into Intellectual Disabilities (DOCTRID) program, seeking
technological solutions for those with intellectual disabilities and
autism. In his role as Director of Research for DOCTRID, Professor
Brian Harvey has brought together ten Irish universities and MSU to
collectively address, through interdisciplinary research, some of the
barriers to greater use of assistive technologies by people
with disabilities.
Professor Mary Cannon was awarded the Royal Academy of Medicine
in Ireland (RAMI) Doctor Award in Psychiatry at the 2013 RAMI
Doctor Awards ceremony held in the Royal College of Physicians on
March 21, 2013. Professor Cannon won the award for her submitted
paper which was published in Archives of General Psychiatry in
December 2012 (Ref: Kelleher I, Lynch F, Harley M, Molloy C, Roddy
S, Fitzpatrick C, Cannon M. Psychotic symptoms in adolescence
index risk for suicidal behaviour. Findings from two population-based
case-control clinical interview studies. Arch Gen Psychiatry; 2012 Dec
1:69(12) 1277-83.)
In February, Professor Fergal O'Brien was elected to the Fellowship
of Engineers Ireland (FIEI), which is the highest grade of membership
of the professional body representing engineers in Ireland. His
appointment was made in recognition of `significant achievement in
engineering and contribution to the profession'.
The annual Research Day took place on the March 5, 2013 when
more than 300 researchers attended this forum, which provides
RCSI scientists with the opportunity to showcase their most recent
research findings and emphasises the importance of research within
the College.
Below are just some of the winners on what was a very successful day:
Mr Philip O'Halloran was the recipient of the `Mr Kamal Sayed Prize
in Neurosurgery'. This is a prestigious award of RCSI and is run in
conjunction with the Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience (IICN). It
is presented to a neurosurgery trainee to reward outstanding work
and excellence in the field of neurosurgery.
Dr Ryan McCoy was the winner of the Best Image Competition.
Dr McCoy's image has previously been given recognition when
it featured on the cover of the Journal of Biotechnology and
Bioengineering where he and Professor Fergal O'Brien had published
an article on the influence of scaffold pore size and perfusion flow-
rate on cell behavior. The image depicted cells, adapting both flat
and bridged morphology types, within a collagen-GAG scaffold.
Dr Frank Doyle was the winner in the Health Professions Education
Award category for his paper entitled `Comparing undergraduate
and graduate students on an integrative learning lesson in health
literacy and health communication across two international
medical schools'.
The Barnes Medal was awarded to Dr Kirsten Pohl for Best Oral
Presentation in the Early Career Investigator Category.
Jennifer Lynch was awarded the Roche Gold Medal for Best Oral
Presentation in the PhD Scholars Category for her talk entitled `MiR-
335 suppresses neuroblastoma disease pathogenesis'.
Pathma Ramasamy was awarded the Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals
Prize for Best Oral Presentation in the Post-graduate Scholars
Category for her talk entitled `Proteomic Analysis of Uveal
Mr Ayman Saeed was awarded the Dr Harry O'Flanagan Prize, for
Best Oral Presentation in the Undergraduate Research Category, for
his talk entitled `Effect of synthetic retinoic acid derivatives in Chronic
Lymphocytic Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma cells.'
Pictured: (l-r) are Professor Tom Walsh, President RAMI; Professor Mary
Cannon, winner of RAMI 2013 Doctor Award (Psychiatry Section); and
Eithne Boylan, Managing Director, Lundbeck Ireland.