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RCSI Advancing Patient Care
Henshall will receive funding for studies on epilepsy in neonates from the successful Centre
for Perinatal Translational Research lead by UCC.
Professor Leonie Young was a recipient of the highly competitive SFI Principal Investigator
Programme (PI) award for her research on SRC-1 mediation of cancer cell reprogramming in
endocrine resistant breast cancer.
SFI funding was also secured by Drs Gianpiero Cavalleri and Darren Griffi th under the
Investigator Programme Project Award.
Under the SFI Technology Innovation Development Award, successful investigators include:
Professors Leonie Young, Kevin McGuigan, Celine Marmion, Jochen Prehn and Drs Catherine
Greene, Warren Thomas and Lopez Noriega.
Very signifi cant also was the funding (500k) awarded to Professor Ray Stalling by the
Crumlin Children Medical and Research Centre for a research project on miRNA as a
therapeutic target for the treatment of Neuroblastoma.

RCSI success in HRB funding scheme has been particularly remarkable. Professors David
Henshall, David Cotter, Mary Cannon, Sally-Ann Cryan, Jochen Prehn, Leonie Young and
Dr Brona Murphy secured research funding under the Health Research Award scheme;
Professors Mary Cannon and David William, under the HRB Knowledge Exchange &
Dissemination Scheme; Professor Prehn under the Research Enhancement award scheme;
Ms Maeve Corcoran and Dr Patrick Redmond, under the Cochrane Training Fellowship Award
Scheme, Professor Mary Cannon and Dr Mary Clarke under the Interdisciplinary Capacity
Enhancement Award scheme; Dr Marie Bradley under the Cancer Prevention Fellowship
Scheme (co-founded by the National Cancer Institute); and Professor David Williams under
the HRB/HSE framework for advancing the research agenda in quality and patient safety, and
Dr Emer Reeves under the MRCG/HRB Joint funding scheme.
Finally in the area of innovation and commercialisation of research, Professor Fergal O'Brien
and Dr Garry Duffy were successful in securing research funding support from Enterprise
Ireland under the Innovation Partnership and the Commercialisation Fund, respectively.
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