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RCSI Annual Report 2012/13
The mission of RCSI in research is to improve human
health through clinical and laboratory-based research
informed by bedside problems, societal and global
health challenges.
We promote innovative research that leads to improved diagnostics, therapeutics and
devices, tackles important healthcare delivery issues, and enhances the quality of education
of healthcare professionals. This annual reporting period witnessed the launch of the new
Institutional Strategic Plan 2013 to 2017 `Growth and Excellence'. The implementation of our
research plan will enhance RCSI competitiveness through multi-disciplinary research, will offer
greater professional development opportunities for research staff, and will enhance internal
communication. We look forward to delivering the key objectives of this plan over the next year.
Among the many achievements of the year we are highlighting the following:
International Grant Awards
Professor Leonie Young was successful in securing an FP7 MarieCurie Industry Academia
Partnership Programme (600k) for the project: ENDO-PREDICT. The funding supports an
industry-academia partnership (RCSI & Almac Group) to produce a commercially viable and
clinically validated assay/kit, which uses HOXC11 as a predictive biomarker of poor response
to endocrine treatment in breast cancer patients.
National Grant Awards
RCSI principal investigators had major success in the SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) Centre
grant applications. Funding for the seven successful Centres includes 200m from Science
Foundation Ireland's (SFI) Research Centres Programme and 100m in cash and in-kind
contributions from industry partners.
Professor Fergal O'Brien was the RCSI lead P.I. in the Advanced Materials and BioEngineering
Research (AMBER) Centre involving TCD (lead institute) and UCC. Professor O'Brien will
be Deputy Director of the AMBER Centre and it is envisaged that research at AMBER will
utilise nanoscience to develop new materials for use in information and communications
technology, medical devices, energy and pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Professor David
identify new gene
in cause of epilepsy
number of
develop new
method of
regenerating bone
tissue using gene
Scientists discover
new method of
predicting response
to chemotherapy
in bowel cancer
Research Highlights