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26 RCSI Annual Report 2012/13
A number of our new appointments
to support the Excellence in Education
goal have commenced in their new roles.
They include Professor of Health Professions Education, Professor
Teresa Pawlikowska; the Technology Enhanced Learning
Development Manager, Catherine Bruen; and the Student Career
Development Manager, Fionnuala Rahilly.
A two-day International Education Forum is due to take place in
July and plans are underway for the Education Forum: International
Higher Education: New Horizons for Ireland in September.
Plans are progressing for the New Academic Educational Building
(NAEB) on York Street. This contemporary state of the art building
is an important educational facility for the future of RCSI. The
building will be student and academic centred and will promote the
development of the RCSI community in the heart of the city. Plans for
the building include a three-storey library; 540 seat lecture theatre;
clinical skills centre and surgical skills training suite and a multi-
purpose sports hall. The new facility will provide a unique, modern
and inspiring medical sciences and surgical training facility to deliver
educational excellence and develop healthcare leaders of the future.
RCSI is committed to developing and
sustaining its current international
offerings while also evaluating new
international projects.
Penang Medical College (PMC) is now wholly jointly owned by
RCSI and University College Dublin (UCD). RCSI has commenced
engagement with UCD to agree a stabilisation plan for PMC in line
with the change in ownership and the evolving educational landscape
in Malaysia.
At Perdana University (PU) - RCSI School of Medicine, Professors
Dermot Long and David Adams, have been appointed as RCSI
Leads in Medicine and Surgery respectively to establish the Perdana
University RCSI clinical programmes, which begin in January 2014.
At RCSI Bahrain, Professor Sameer Otoom was appointed as
Interim President.
A contract was secured to revalidate the credentials of over six
hundred hospital and community based consultants in the gulf
state of Qatar. A new RCSI entity Medical Validation Ireland was
set up to bring together the participation and expertise of several
postgraduate training bodies and faculties, to deliver a unified
solution to an international market.
A number of major research funding
awards announced during the year will
go towards achieving RCSI's goal of
impactful research and innovation in
health sciences and education.
These include:
EpiMiRNA, a consortium of 16 international partners from
academia and industry led by RCSI
Materials for Cardiac Regeneration AMCARE, a consortium of
ten international partners from academia and industry led by RCSI.
The research management structure has been enhanced with the
appointment of Professors Fergal O'Brien and Hilary Humphreys
as Deputy Directors of Applied Research and Clinical Research
respectively. These appointments will provide leadership and support
for clinical and applied research. Research support has also been
enhanced with the appointment of a Senior Research Project Officer,
Niamh O'Dowd.
Communication with the research community has been enhanced
through the establishment of Principal Investigator (PI) forum which
held three meetings in the first semester of 2013.
Reviews of institutional research performance through research
The proposed new RCSI Academic
Educational Building.
Pictured (l-r) are Professor Cathal Kelly, CEO
and Professor Brian MacCraith, President,
DCU at the first anniversary event to mark the
establishment of the 3U Partnership.