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18 RCSI Annual Report 2012/13
Since 1996, the College, in conjunction with UCD, and state and private sector
representatives in Penang, has operated the very successful Penang Medical College. This
year, RCSI and UCD became joint owners of Penang Medical College. A milestone in Ireland's
role as an international partner in medical education was reached with the conferral of the
1000th student from PMC in June.
In Bahrain, a new library and resource centre was opened in September to cater for the
growing number of students. Within the area of research, a new Research Office was opened
to strengthen research collaborations with RCSI Dublin and link in with higher education
institutions in the Gulf region. The office has already been successful in securing funding
on a number of research projects. In April, Professor Sameer Otoom was appointed Interim
President of RCSI Bahrain. Sameer joined RCSI Bahrain in 2005. He became Dean of RCSI
Bahrain in 2009, and was appointed Vice-President for Academic Affairs in 2012. We have
also made a number of other key senior appointments within the University, which highlights
the College's commitment to working in the region.
In Dubai, our student numbers continue to grow through the RCSI Institute of Leadership.
Plans are currently in place to move the Institute's Dubai office to the new Sheik Mohammad
Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Academic Medical Centre in Dubai Healthcare City.
In the Community
As a leading institution in healthcare, medicine and research, we endeavour to advance
the health and wellbeing of people worldwide, and continuously seek ways to further our
humanitarian goals. We greatly support and salute the efforts of many of our staff, students
and fellows who volunteer their time and skills to improve standards of health, education and
life chances for those who need it most.
Our local outreach and access programme (REACH RCSI) continues to work to promote
education and lifelong health in the local community of South East Inner City Dublin.
Highlights of the year include the "Cracking Crime with Science" initiative, one component
of RCSI's contributions to the Dublin City of Science Public Engagement Programme, and
hosting the final of the Debating Science Issues Competition.
Internationally, the College's collaboration programme with the College of Surgeons of East,
Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) helped the African college train surgeons across ten
countries to meet the vast unmet need for surgery in the region. The programme has enabled
COSECSA to increase its training numbers exponentially and put structures in place for
sustainability and continued expansion.
In Gambia, Professor Sam McConkey and his team from the International Health and Tropical
Medicine has set up a new national malaria surveillance system. This work has helped to
control and treat malaria better in the region.
In Malaysia, our most recent venture
in Perdana University Medical School
in Kuala Lumpur, is progressing well,
and has received accreditation from
the Irish Medical Council.
Our local outreach and access
programme (REACH RCSI) continues
to work to promote education and
lifelong health in the local community
of South East Inner City Dublin.