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RCSI Committed to Education Excellence
Mr Michael E O'Sullivan
Consultant Surgeon
(Trauma & Orthopaedic)
University Hospital Galway/
Merlin Park Hospital
Mr David Moore
Consultant Surgeon
(Trauma & Orthopaedic)
Our Lady's Children's Hospital
Crumlin/Tallaght Hospital
Professor Kevin Conlon
Professor of Surgery & Consultant
Surgeon (General & HPB)
Trinity College Dublin
St. Vincent's University Hospital
& Tallaght Hospital
Mr Kenneth Mealy
Consultant Surgeon
Wexford General Hospital
Dr Laura Viani
Consultant Surgeon
Director of National Cochlear
Implant Programme
Beaumont Hospital
Professor Michael J. Kerin
Professor and Head of Department
of Surgery & Consultant Surgeon
NUI Galway & Galway University
Professor Frank B.V. Keane
Past-Presdient, RCSI
Retired Consultant Surgeon
The Adelaide & Meath Hospital
incorporating the National
Children's Hospital, Tallaght
Professor Michael Earley
Consultant Surgeon (Plastic
reconstructive and aesthetic)
Mater Misericordiae Hospital &
the Children's University Hospital,
Temple Street
Mr Keith Synnott
Consultant Surgeon
(Trauma & Orthopaedic)
Mater Misericordiae
University Hospital